Peak Community Supprts

Board of Directors


Currently serves as the Senior Prosecurtor with the Jefferson County Attorney's Office and General Counsel for lota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. Mr. Price has frequently lectures on Expungement Law and Landlord/Tenant Law. Mr. Price received his undergraduate degree from Kentucky State University and his law degree from Chase College of Law (NKU). Mr. Price is a Louisville native and proud fater of a daughter: Tierra, and son: Reece.


Currently employed with General Electric Company for 15 years, Mrs. Buckner has more than 32 years of experience working with individuals that have mental disabilities. Mrs. Buckner's personal experience, wih her own child, has given her a full understanding of the needs of those requiring special assistance. Mrs. Buckner attends Fountain of Faith Christian Center Church, where she servers as Director of Children's Church Ministry.


Currently servers as Registered Nurse Supervisor for ETA Adult Day Center. Mrs. Miller possesses more than 11 years of experience, having been employed by Jewish Hospital and Dr. C. M. Young III. Mrs. Miller has 2 adult sons and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Nursing Administation.

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